Custom Web Design & Development

Here at EDFX, we build custom websites for clients that need something truly unique

What makes our custom websites better than templated solutions?

For one, they're much faster. Speed matters in an attention-starved world, and your customers aren't going to wait while your site takes forever to load.

Need proof? This website is entirely custom-built from the ground up. It's lighter than a feather and yet looks just as good as any other templated website out there.

Here's what Google thinks of this site.

Site speed isn't everything, but making it one less thing to worry about sure is a nice-to-have, isn't it?

Your users can actually enjoy the content you publish on your website at reasonable speeds even if they're on slow Internet connections, which is way more common than you might think.

When you build a custom site, you're not handcuffed to the limitations of the platform, just the ability for our designers and developers to turn your vision into reality.